Case Studies

A Case study on Legal Heir Certificate - Share Transmission & IEPF Claim

Raj Kamal is one of our recent clients for the transmission of Shares inherited from…

WE have read a lot about unclaimed dividends and Shares being transferred to IEPF account.

A shrewd senior level employee in a major industrial house invested in shares largely through IPO or first issue

There was a successful Businessman in the city of Chennai. He brought various shares in his own name and in the name if his wife.

Our client had unclaimed shares in a blue chip company. During the days of paper share trading he wanted to sell some

We have a client who is the nephew of the deceased Shareholder. This particular case is peculiar. Our client’s Aunt, Mother’s Younger Sister, Was the shareholder

Shareholder is the mother of our client. Our client was married to a woman whom he divorced and he has no children.

Our client is the son of the shareholder. He had a will in his favour, bequeathing certain shares.

The shareholder was never in India. He is a foreign service officer and he got posted everywhere in the world. He, during his youth, invested in a blue-chip company.

Original share holder expired and has left a very large estate, Shareholder died intestate (without leaving a will) and he left behind his son and wife as legal heirs.

Share holder migrated to the US in the late 1980s, He invested shares in a blue-chip company. Just one share is valued at Rs 1.50 crores

Out client is a house wife and the only legal heir of her father. Father had another son. He too expired without any legal heirs.

Original shareholder was a government servant. He invested most of his surplus savings in shares of various companies.

A reasonably wealthy business man in a tranquil little town in Tamil Nadu had invested in a few blue chip companies.