Case of the missing son

A reasonably wealthy business man in a tranquil little town in Tamil Nadu had invested in a few blue chip companies. Father dies in early nineties leaving behind two sons and his wife. They had obtained a legal heir certificate on all three of them and promptly wrote to companies enclosing the shares. Companies gave a laundry list of compliance and the project went to cold storage.

Meanwhile, the investments have grown to sizeable value and two other things have happened. One, family’s fortunes have dwindled and converting these shares to cash would have substantially helped the family. Two, one of the sons went missing from his family in 2003 and his whereabouts are not known. No one knows where he is and God forbid, if he is alive.

Now that you have a legal heir as per legal heir certificate, obtaining succession certificate became an impossibility without a legal heir having no chance of signing. Without a succession certificate, transmission of shares is impossible. Based on our database, our team approached them. Initially they were skeptical. They finally agreed to work with us. We obtained the court decree declaring the other son as dead. There was additional prayer in the plaint which in effect made the requirement of succession certificate redundant.

Armed with the court order, we approached the Registrars, got the shares in the name of son, dematerialized paper shares and they sold the shares. It made them come out of their problems and of course, paid our professional fees. to make