Transmission Of Shares

Consider this, your father buys shares from a Company 20 years ago about which you come to know now while cleaning up the cupboard after his demise.

Now you know there are shares which belongs to you, yet, you don’t know how to realize the shares into money or to sell them. It is a common fact that assets, properties and investments in Parents’ name comes to the legal heir(s) after their time.Transferring the title of shares from your parents’ name legally which is rightful to you as a legal heiris called the Transmission of Shares.

It is the most complicated and time-consuming activity any legal heirmight undergo. Changing the ownership of the shares by the process of transmission from your parent’s name to your name must be done so that you can make money out of it. This involves many procedures and we make it possible for you in an efficient and secure manner. Since we have been doing this for more than 100 clients for around 3 years now.

And Yes! We do that by:

  • Collecting your (Legal Heir) details.
  • Collecting your parents’ details on whose name the shares are being held till date.
  • Communicating with the Registrars and Share Transfer Agents (RTAs) / Company and obtaining the specific formats for Transmission of Shares.
  • The Specific requirements of the RTA/ Company is met by completing documentation and sending it to them.
  • Might also involve solving the problems of rejections such as Name mismatch in the Share details with the company and the legal documents or simply rejection due to change of Address issue, etc.
  • Solving the rejections caused by the legal documents like Succession certificate/ Legal Heirship Certificate, Will which be absolute as such or to be probated /Letter of Administration, etc. and start working on it accordingly.

Worry not, you are in the right place and we just know what we are laying hands on!This is where our expertise lies making the Process of Transmission of Sharesless complicated and more yielding.

How do we do that?

  • From collecting your (Legal heir) details regarding the shares, organizing the details received from the transfer agents, preparing legal documents specific to it and sending, coordinating with the RTAs until the shares are completely transmitted and received by you; we have processes created and procedures devised in place which is smooth and slick.

So, it is technically A- Z of transmitting your shares which you deserve.

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