These are some of the questions our prospects have actually asked us. You may have more. Please write to us.

General Questions

What are your service charges?

Our service charges are nominal. It depends upon the nature and complexity of the work involved. Hence, it varies for every client. First let us talk and understand each other. We are sure, pricing won’t be an impediment.

Do you charge advance? If so, how much?

We operate on a success fee model. We do not charge any advance and it is purely on success pay. However, we charge a small up front fee, often as low as Rs.1000/- plus GST more as a client commitment. There are a few costs you need to pay. They are listed in “Terms of Engagement”.

Why should I trust you? SEBI is investigating a scam of misappropriation of4 unclaimed shares….

Let’s complete it for you. What if we are one of those scamsters? Well, we have healthy references. You can check about our services with them. Please go through the “Team”. Come to the office and talk to us. If you still think, there are better agencies, use them.

You are asking us to sign Power of Attorney…

How else can we represent you? We just take specific power of attorney. It permits us to represent you with companies and Registrars. Signing any document that requires specimen signature is expressly omitted. We don’t sign transmission forms, NECS forms, Demat forms, etc, even in case of foreign clients.

How do you know I have shares, aren’t you infringing on my rights?

We are just assimilating publicly available data. Our marketing team does enquiries to reach you. It is wholly up to you to hire us or do it yourself.

These are my father’s shares. We are two sons. My brother expired. Will I get to transfer my shares in my name?

No. Your brother’s legal heirs will get equal amount of shares

I have lost my shares. Can you get me the shares back?

Yes, it is possible to get the shares back. We will get the details from the company, file FIR, prepare various related documents, follow up with the registrars and get your shares back.

The shares have gone to IEPF. What do I do?

If the dividends are not claimed for 7 years consecutively, the shares as well as dividends lands into the hands of IEPF, an account of Government of India. We will coordinate with IEPF and company and get your shares. There is a separate page on IEPF. It gives more information on IEPF. Our Blog also has more information

My father had shares of few companies. he has passed away. How do I change it in my name?

If an individual share’s market value is more than Rs. 2 lakhs, you need to get a succession certificate from the Court. We can help you in getting this. Once you get the succession certificate, we will approach the company and get it transferred in your name. If the share market value is less than Rs. 2 lakhs, there is no need to get a succession certificate.

I have changed my address. Hence, i do not receive dividends. what should i do to get the dividends?

We can approach the company, give necessary documents and change the address. Once it is done, we will get you the past dividends.

I know that my father owned some shares. He is no more and I don't have a clue about the name of the shares. Can you help me?

Yes. Once you give your father’s name and address, we will reasonably be in a position to dig out the shares against his name. We do not guarantee, but we will put our best efforts in helping you out.

What is succession certificate?

When a person dies intestate (without leaving a will), succession certificate by a competent court listing out all the movable properties along with its value is required. Whenever the value of a particular share is over Rs.2,00,000/= (Rs.5,00,000/- in case of Demat Account) succession certificate is compulsory.

I already have a Legal Heir Certificate issued from the corporation. Why do I need Succession Certificate?

Legal heir certificates are accepted in case of shares with market value less than Rs.2,00,000/- For others, Succession Certificate is necessary.

What is a probate?

Probate (In case there is an executor to the will) or Letter of Administration is a court decree which authenticates the validity of last will of testament. This is compulsory in case of the Metro Cities for registering even immovable properties.

We have a will and we are not in Metro. Will was not made out in a Metro. Hope I don’t have to probate.

Technically, you don’t have to probate a will. However, Registrars and Companies have no way of knowing whether the will produced is the last will of testament. Many companies take safer route of insisting on probate. Some companies process purely based on will. It depends on the company and value of shares.

Will you claim our lost bonus split and unclaimed dividend?

We will claim every rupee that is due to you in whatever form – Bonus Shares, Split Shares, Unclaimed Dividend, Dividend with IEPF and shares with IEPF.

Pertaining to NRI/PIO

Do I need an NRI Account?

Yes. Account will have to be a non repatriable account.

Do I have to visit India regularly?

No need. All the documents will be sent to you for signature and will be reported you to complete the job.

Do I have to take Succession Certificate?

Yes. You have to take the Succession Certificate in India. However, if a shareholder dies in a foreign country, other possibilities can be explored

We have no roots in India. My father expired in United States, what I am supposed to do?

In this case there is no need for Succession Certificate from an Indian court. Letter of demonstration from the US authorities indicating legal heirship, death certificate and Proof of identity are good enough.

Do you have to open a Demat Account, if so what type of Account?

There is no bar in holding physical share. However if you have to sell it, you have to have a demat A/c. Since the shares are invested out of income originated in India, we have to necessarily open a Non- PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) Demat A/c. This is an RBI guideline, This account will have to be connected to a NRO A/c. This is required to ensure non-repatriation.

Is there any Inheritance Tax to be paid in India?

Previously there was Estate Duty Tax. This was abolished. There is no need of paying Inheritance Tax in India.

If I have to sell the shares, can I repatriate the money?

Yes. Subject to capital gain tax as above, you would need a Chartered Accountant Certificate in Form 15 CB, certifying that there are no competent income tax dues on the amount proposed to be remitted. This has to be submitted to the bank to enable them to remit money abroad. There is a cap of $ 1 million p.a., though. It is an automatic route and no special permission is indicated. This link has more information. https://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/FAQview.aspx?Id=33#Q2

Is there any Capital Gain Tax payable by me ?

These are long term capital gain. w.e.f., 1st April 2018. There is a 10% tax on long term capital gains. Price for this purpose will be a closing price as on 31st Jan 2018 or the purchase price differ is higher. There will be no indexation. Hence there is a likelihood of marginal long term capital gain tax.


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