Testimonials: Dr Arvind Rajan

Testimonials: Dr. Arvind Rajan

I have made personal use of the services of SMB Enablers and Golden Egg to transfer a substantial and diverse portfolio of old Indian stocks that my mother and I inherited from my father about 15 years ago. There are a number of aspects that have made this a complex endeavor, including the fact that these were old shares that were in physical form and that had not been changed over for a long time. Further there were many stock splits and mergers, new shares issued, joint ownership, the threat of IEPF transfers, setting up demat accounts, etc. all made more difficult by the fact that my mother and I reside in the USA.

SMB Enablers helped us by creating a plan, taking charge of all the paperwork, preparing documents, getting all the signatures and notary endorsements, and pursuing each share as required with the appropriate agency. The project is still ongoing, and is likely to carry on for some time.

Bio:Dr. Arvind Rajan

Dr. Arvind Rajan, PhD serves as the Head of Global & Macro at PGIM Fixed Income, an investment management arm of Prudential Financial, Inc. Dr. Rajan joined Prudential in 2008. He was also an Adjunct Full Professor at the NYU Stern School of Management in 2015. Previously he was Co-Head of U.S. Fixed Income Strategy and Global Head of Structured Credit Research at Citigroup. From 1994 to 2007, Dr. Rajan held various roles as a Vice President and Managing Director at Salomon Brothers and Citigroup. He began his career AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1987.  Dr. Rajan has previously taught at Rice University. He co-authored ‘The Structured Credit Handbook’, published in 2007. He earned an M.S. degree and a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Northwestern University in 1985 and a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 1981.

Testimonials: Ram Ramasundar

Testimonials: April 2018

I accidentally came across SMB enablers of Chennai, through some friends and happened to meet Srikanth Gopalan. I wasn’t sure about their credentials initially, since they had just started this service of retrieval of unclaimed dividends and shares. In my case, I wasn’t even aware of the details of the shares and the lost dividends – relating to the shares of my father which I inherited and was resigned to my loss. However, Srikanth and his team (Prabhakar Kanniyappan and Ganapathy Subramanian) did a great job and retrieved most of my valuable shares and the unclaimed dividends, through dedicated and focused efforts. I think I was their first client and am extremely happy with the results they produced in a short time span.

Honestly speaking, I am indeed happy and grateful to Srikanth and his team at SMB enablers for a wonderful job done – which I thought was a lost cause. They are a good team with commitment and focus and I am a delighted client. I will certainly recommend SMB enablers to anyone who have problems and issues with lost shares, transmission of shares, unclaimed dividends etc.

Overall, in my experience, SMB enablers is very professional, responsive, earnest, sincere and above all deliver the results. I wish them all success in the years to come.

Ram Ramasundar

Partner at Alexander Hughes
Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Comprehensive experience as CEO and CFO – with a thorough understanding of business dynamics. Has in depth domain knowledge in the industries of FMCG, Consumer Durables, Private Equity, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate/Hospitality Sectors. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramasundar/

Testimonials: Sri Krishna

Testimonials: Sri Krishna

I know Mr.Srikanth and Mr.Sridhar for more than 10 years. Both of them are competent and more than that-ethical professionals. I referred two clients for transmission of shares. Both were complicated and involved legal issues. One case has been completed in quick time and the other is progressing satisfactorily. They are accessible, pro active and transparent. They report periodically to clients and also keep me posted. I have no hesitation in recommending them. My Best wishes……..

Sri Krishna Chartered accountant

Sri Krishna is a famous practicing Chartered Accountant from Salem. A rank holder in CA Sri Krishna has carved a niche for himself. He also has closed quite a few Merger and Acquisition transaction. His knowledge in taxation is exemplary and has been our well wisher.

Testimonials: Kameswari

Testimonials: Kameswari 

“I am so Glad to write a Testimonial to M/s SMB Enabler, I was so Impressed with their Commitments which they have taken to complete our assignment before said time.
Since from the first meeting they have maintained a culture and dedication which I haven’t seen elsewhere and the way they handled the tough situation are really exemplary.
Their Team members are so Proactive in pushing the Assignment to next level so without a second thought, I’ll strongly recomend them to my contact sphere those who need a Phenomenal Service.”

Kameswari – Coimbatore

Kameswari has worked out of Coimbatore as a Consultant. A proud mother of a Doctor daughter, Kameswari co-ordinated a difficult transmission case on behalf of her father. Her father is the legal heir of the shares transmitted and Kameswari co-ordinated on their behalf.