Transfer Of Shares

At some point of time you might have thought of giving away your shares in the name(s) of your spouse/ son/daughter/friend/ relatives, literally to someone. Yet you have no idea about the legal issues and detailed procedures involved. If this is the case, then read till the end!

Transfer of Shares – what is it?

Transfer of Shares or securities is a process of transferring titles voluntarily by one party to another. The party who transfers the equity shares is called the “Transferor” and the other party in the receiving end is the “Transferee”.

Transfer of Shares – How to?

    • Transfer of Shares can either be done by Gifting the securities to the family, friends and relatives by signing the Gift Deed.
    • By filling an application called the SH-4 form which is the standard Instrument for the Securities Transfer. Also, the SH-4 Form involves duly stamping it which can be executed by or on behalf of both Transferor and Transferee.
    • However, all these procedures are possible only if the equity shares are in the electronic or dematerialized form since the transfer of securities in the physical form has been stopped with effect from 31st of March 2019.

We are here to help you out with the Transfer of shares to your beloved ones. With all the expertise and knowledge, we hold in the process of Transfer of Shares; be it Security transfer form or transfer deed, or gift deed, we provide you with the assurance of making your journey smooth and rewarding with us.

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