Care of joint shares


  • Original share holder expired and has left a very large estate
  • Shareholder died intestate (without leaving a will) and he left behind his son and wife as legal heirs.
  • Mother and son applied for succession certificate and they got one. Succession certificate speaks of equal distribution of wealth.
  • Both mother and son are US citizens.
  • Original shares were in all forms – father and son, father and wife, mother and son, father, wife, mother.. All six forms.
  • None of the sole holdings had any nomination
  • Here again mother is 85 years of age
  • All shares are in paper format

Hera again, given the age of the mother, the job in hand is to make sure, entire wealth is transmitted without additional legal issues.


  • First and foremost, job was to make sure, sole holdings of the mother had nomination facility. We made the son the nominee.
  • We opened NON PINS Demat Account and dematerialized all sole holdings. Demat account had proper nomination.
  • Shares in the name of deceased together with either the son or the wife was taken up. The name of the deceased was removed and at the same time the proper nomination was provided.
  • For ease of operation all shares in the name of the father (sole holding) were transmitted directly to the son’s name.

Joint A/C in the name of mother and son were transferred in the name son and is being dematerialized.