Well, we don’t just convert unclaimed shares. We are a group of professionals with a purpose. An introduction to our world.

This is where our story started. We started SMB Enablers in 2009 with the sole aim to make sub optimal governance in SMEs in India, a thing of past. Translated in plain English, we provide strategic and corporate finance support. We work with SMEs in various ways. We take them to SME IPO, we work with them during due diligence, we sell SMEs to strategic buyers etc.

In short, we are a team of Chartered Accountants who are not in conventional CA practice. We are everything, a standard CA firm is not, and a CA firm is everything that we are not!

The fact you are here implies you may have problems with unclaimed shares or dividend or may have trouble with transmission or transfer of shares. Whole website is devoted to this topic. You will learn here about unclaimed shares more than you care to know.
12 million under employed SME employees sitting in front of computer are not sufficiently trained. They do not have a single “go to” source that gives proper response. They are searching the web at least 69 million times a month for key words with words like as “sample, template, documents, cover letter, agreement, minutes, checklist, compliance”


Docskart will soon become that “Go to” place. We propose to start a portal whose content will drive enormous traffic and when there is a need Docskart will be the obvious choice. The customer delight produced will result in “Reversing E commerce” and create new eCommerce models.

Releasing Soon, Get Notified as soon we launched

Golden Egg Story

“GoldenEgg – Harnessing Forgotten Wealth”: There is mind boggling amount of wealth out there that is not available to its legal owners. We trace them and get the shares back to the legal owners.

It all started when we visited a Registrar’s office on a personal work. There was this middle aged lady shouting at the top of her voice, “How many times you will return the documents after every three or four months. It is more than three years. Every time we do what you suggest and every time you reject”. We came back and did our research.

Yes. It is a huge problem and people are groping in darkness trying to retrieve their own wealth. The problem is crying for professional service and Golden Egg Financial services was born as a division of SMB Enablers Private Limited.

Since you are here, you may already have the experience. There are many reasons why this happens. Change of house and address, Change of Marital status, Shear human forgetfulness, Loss of original share certificate, Owner dies and legal heirs do not know about it or do not know what to do with it, Typos in shares during pre-computer era Estate disputes and much of water has flown under the bridge among stakeholders, Government Custody during special circumstance such as what is known as the securities scam of the eighties, Unable to cope with the complexity involved in transfer and transmission of share etc.

Whatever be the reason, you are deprived of your legitimate wealth. And you, in the right place. So long as you are the legal heir or share is yours, no body can stop you from getting it. If you prefer, we will get it for you.

We started off by creating a database based on publicly available data and started reaching out to people who may need the services. On an average, today, we touch base with at least five people who may have this problem. We have reached out to over 500 people and in the first year of operation we converted over Rs.25 crores and we have a work in progress of about Rs.50 crores.

And we hope you are our next client.

Terms of Engagement

We charge the fee on both dividend and value of shares retrieved. This is a pure success fee and nothing upfront. Well, not really. We charge a token retainer fee of Rs.1000 plus GST @.

However, there are a few expenses that will have to be met by the client upfront.

  • If physical shares are not available, FIR needs to be obtained. This is a client responsibility. We will do the job and charge the client at actuals.
  • Generally, in case of transmission of shares when the original owner is not alive, probate of will or succession certificate from District Court of jurisdiction is necessary. This involves fees for legal counsel and court fees. This will have to be paid by client.

There are cases when surety of one or two individuals for the value of shares are needed. It will be client’s responsibility to provide the same.

We help in resolving this. Contact us.