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Investment in shares and deposits are possibly the most important assets that elders leave behind for their next generations. Should they be left ignored?

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 We are a team of dedicated experts from legal, banking, NBFC and stock exchange backgrounds and we assure you total peace of mind and guaranteed recovery of your wealth.

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Golden Eggs

Yes. It is for real. We at Golden Egg Financial services, a division of SMB Enablers, are really producing Golden Egg. There is staggering amount of unclaimed wealth wasting out there in India. Unclaimed dividend alone runs into 1000s of crores of rupees. Translated, actual value of unclaimed shares not available as disposable wealth to the rightful owners may well be over Rs.40,000 Crores! This is not all. Recently the Government of India has announced that, unclaimed fixed deposits in Banks is over Rs.11,000 Crores. Add Insurance, Provident Fund and Mutual funds. The figure you might arrive at, is truly mind-boggling.

Lost share certificates? Vague memory of investment details?

Missing investment documents? Fret not!

From recovery of unclaimed shares to resolving address and heirship challenges, we handle every single task to get back your own asset.

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Happy Clients

We at The GoldenEgg, an initiative of SMB Enablers Private Limited, Chennai, are determined to breathe life into this unutilised or forgotten wealth on behalf of the rightful owners. We were able to create over 50 smiling inheritors in the first year of operation