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Harnessing forgotten wealth has become a huge problem problem statement for the society and there are no easy solutions. Every week we receive at least five calls inquiring about shares that have slipped to IEPF. We try to help people as much as we can. Not just unclaimed shares or shares that have slipped into IEPF. The amount of wealth out there is staggering. One can easily imagine the amount of wealth that has gone unclaimed just by googling. It is truly mind BOGGLING. A few numbers to flabbergast yourself.

Author of this Blog is Adv Nithianand Balagopal, Advocate & Legal Consultant. You may reach out to their office at this email. Advocate Nithia runs a YouTube channel wherein he addresses topics of day to day interest for common people. You can subscribe to the channel here. There is an unfathomable irony that is inescapable when you deal with the law of escheats. The law of escheats, by the way, deals with abandoned wealth or property that passes on to the government if one dies without legal heirs and surprisingly also in the instances where someone forgets to claim what is truly his or hers within specified timeframes!