Shareholders Address Change Notification & Procedure

Shareholders Address Change Notification & Procedure

Every shareholder is a member of the Company. The Company is obliged to keep its members informed, regarding all its happenings. From Dividend Warrants relating to shares held in physical form, Company Prospectus, Notices and Notifications, everything is sent via postal mail to the address of the members, as registered with the Company. Hence, it is of utmost importance that the correct residential address of the member is registered with the Company.

However today, the world has shrunk. Relocating for better lifestyle, amenities, job opportunities, education, per se just adventure, has become the norm of life. While getting the new address updated in important documents like Bank Account, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter ID etc. itself takes a toll, registering the new address with the Companies where investment has been made, takes a back seat or even left out.

Consequence of this leads to-

  • Non receipt of Bonus Share Certificates, Split Share Certificates, Dividend Warrants and other communications from the Companies or their Registered Transfer Agent (RTA).
  • Non-receipt of Dividend Warrant means no claim of dividend and hence monetary loss.
  • When dividend remains unclaimed for seven consecutive years, the same gets transferred along with the said shares and accrued interest to Investor Education & Protection Fund (IEPF) maintained by the MCA. The wealth of investor becomes the wealth of the Government!

Not sure if your present address is updated as per Company records? Reach out to Goldenegg! We file an application with the Company or its RTA and follow the procedures deemed necessary and get the address updated for a hassle-free future.